The CRUISER- A special Wifi ptz Camera

Imou Outdoor wifi PTZ camera made by Dahua

Imou is a wifi cameras extension of Dahua technologies. Dahua was manufacturing wifi cameras under its brand name but now it has launched its separate wifi cameras category and brand name as IMOU. Now if you talk about the products which imou has introduced, are Imou Ranger 2, Imou Ranger 4, Imou Bullet 2C, Imou Bullet 2E and the best one is Imou Cruiser 2 and Cruiser 4. These products are classified into two groups, one is indoor cameras and the other is outdoor cameras group. Imou Ranger2 and imou Ranger 4 are made for indoor use only and the Bullet 2C, Bullet 2E and Cruiser are for outdoor use. Imou is offering two functionalities in these groups, one is PTZ control and another one is fixed lens cameras. Further is these series are equipped with audio features as well. I will continue to write blogs on all these, but today we are going to learn about Imou Cruiser 2. Fortunately, these cameras have huge inspect on “CCTV wifi camera price in Pakistan”.

Cruiser- the king of low price outdoor PTZ wifi camera

Imou has introduced the cruiser. This camera is coming in two megapixels options. Cruiser 2 is 2 megapixels and Cruiser 4 is 4 megapixels. This camera is one of my favourite cameras in the wifi cameras series globally. This camera making your video footage colourful at night. All cameras give colour images in the daytime, but this can give you colourful images at night time. 

The spotlight of the camera plays an important role in providing colourful vision at night. Cruiser also has this feature of 2 built-in spotlights.

Colour Mode of cruiser
Colour Mode

Cruiser uses infrared mode when you need black and white images, darkness does not matter for this camera.

infrared Mode of cruiser
Infrared Mode

Smart cameras are those which have artificial intelligence, so your cruiser has this feature. If there is no motion in front of it, this camera will remain black and white. but on detection of any moving object, it can turn into colour mode.

smart Mode of cruiser
Smart Mode

 The fourth option is off mode, you can have only dark images. There will be no light by the camera.

off Mode of cruiser
off Mode

There is always a problem with fixed lens cameras which is they always have a blind spot. This blind spot means the camera can not see that corner etc just beneath the camera or behind of camera. The solution is PTZ cameras with 360 ° Pan rotation and 90 °  tilt rotation. This cruiser is IP 66 camera with a PTZ feature covering every corner of the area without any blind spot. Cruiser is equipped with advanced IR algorithms that can provide crystal clear footage on both day and night with the help of a 1080P sensor. People usually make their minds to have this camera installation at their building.  Now you must be asking for this CCTV wifi camera price in Pakistan.

The Cruiser CCTV wifi camera price in Pakistan

This camera has been short in the market at first shipment arrival. There is now a camera available in the Pakistan market at present. Its price was about 10000 rupees, but now its price will be offered 13000 rupees on the arrival of shipment.

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