Dahua DVR price in Pakistan

Dahua DVR price in Pakistan needs every person who has installed CCTV cameras at their place of work or home. Why I have said this? This is because when you have installed cameras, technological advancement continued with the latest research and new features will launch. So people came to know, they made up their minds and upgrade the system. The Dahua DVR is now known as XVR in the market. XVR is the Penta Brid Dvr, it has the capability of accepting all types of camera software. Cameras types in these may be CVI, TVI, IP, AHD, and CVBS. All these types of cameras signal are compatible with Dahua XVR.

You can do this if you go to the main menu of DVR and go to the camera option, further you need to go to channel type in that section. Here is the option for camera signal types with respect to channels number. So  Dahua DVR price in Pakistan can be high from local Dvr nut this DVR are rich in features. Hikvision DVR price in Pakistan is also equivalent to Dahua. Few features of Dahua are better than Hikvision.

Dahua 4 Channel DVR Price in Pakistan

New Dahua XVR is the latest feature of DVR. You will have 4 cameras option for analog cameras. When you go for IP cameras integration, it can switch to 6 channels. It means you can use 6 IP cameras on a 4-channel XVR. There are two models available in Dahua of 4 channel XVR. one is XVR-1B04 and the other is XVR-5104. These 2 types of “4 Channel DVR price in Pakistan”  XVR-1B04 is 2MP supported and XVR-5104 is 5MP supported.  DH-XVR-1B04 is a small size DVR and 5104 is a little bigger in size. XVR 1B04 4 Channel DVR price in Pakistan is 6500 rupees and 5104 prices in 8000 rupees. Prices may change.

Dahua 4 Channel DVR
Dahua 4 Channel DVR

Dahua 8 Channel DVR Price in Pakistan

The Dahua 8 channel XVR is also coming in two models. One is 2MP supported and the other is 5MP supported.  New XVR has a few more camera integration, which means you can install 10 IP cameras on 8-channel XVR. these two options are XVR-1b08 and XVR-5108. DVRs have features of better compression code enhancing the Hard disk recording days with the same space. Bandwidth is better in these models. You can use up to a 6TB hard drive in this XVR. Dahua XVE-1b08 8 channel DVR price in Pakistan is 8000 rupees and XVR-5108 8 channel DVR price in Pakistan is 11500 rupees. Prices are subject to dollar price change. It can be changed.


Dahua 16 Channel DVR price in Pakistan

16-channel Dahua DVR is very rare. It used in Pakistan is not so high. 16 channel XVR demand is lower so Shopkeepers do not have enough stock for sale. Few companies in Pakistan can provide you with good prices and availability of stock. DH-XVR-1B16 is 16 channels and Dahua 16 Channel DVR price in Pakistan is 12000 rupees XVR-5116 has a better feature this Dahua 16 Channel DVR price in Pakistan is nearly 20000 rupees. Explore more categories here.

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