Why CCTV cameras are Important?

CCTV Cameras are the best invention of the present time. All our doubts and uncertain thing are getting cleared by CCTV cameras footage. Security cameras are not just for security purposes but also for monitoring purposes. So, according to my opinion, security cameras should also be called monitoring cameras. Lahore is a famous city in Pakistan, Previous Pakistan Govt has designed a CCTV cameras layout for all of Lahore and that is why we called it a safe city. 

All these CCTV cameras are under the monitoring of police every moment. When there are CCTV cameras at your home or office, you can easily watch all the members of the family and servants also, if you have them at the office you can see the activity of the staff. When sometimes you forget something in the office and after reaching your home, you suddenly realize that you have either lost your precious thing or forgotten in the office. You can easily replay the cameras and check the presence of that thing in the office.

Dahua security camera price in Lahore

The Dahua is the leader! If you have made up your mind and want to install security cameras. Don’t do a long market analysis and survey, just order Dahua cameras Package from a dealer like us. Here you can find a better  “DAHUA CCTV camera price in Pakistan”. Dahua is a company providing low-price HDCVI cameras worldwide. HDCVI cameras are called analog cameras and usually do not have a much better quality of result as this technology is running on simple cables, unlike network cameras. Analog cameras made by Dahua have the best result, unlike others with good pixels of video. 

These can be zoomed in and provides efficient results on the zooming. Now if you want to know about the price then the Dahua CCTV camera price in Lahore is affordable. Sometimes it is low and sometimes it is highly dependent upon to whom you are comparing it. Four Dahua CCTV camera prices in Lahore package of 1MP  is 20000 rupees.  4 Dahua CCTV camera price in Pakistan Lahore package of 2MP is 26000 rupees. If you talk about just a single camera, that single CCTV camera price in Pakistan Lahore is 2200 rupees of 2mp Dahua made.


Dahua 5mp camera price in pakistan

                                                                                                                             Dahua 5mp camera price in Pakistan

Hikvision security camera price in Lahore

This Hikvision is also a well-known brand worldwide made in China. Hikvision cameras has also their unique recognition and presence in the market. Because its cameras are also very good and have good zooming capacity. DVR made by Hikvision is also getting better to support all signals of analog and network cameras. Hikvision cameras are facing tough competition with Dahua cameras globally. The price of Hikvision cameras is also comparable with Dahua. Hikvision CCTV camera price in Lahore is almost the same as that of Dahua. Just decide and install a brand of your will. I would recommend you install Dahua due to its technical features’ betterment. 

Dahua camera price list

Package Dahua camera price in Pakistan
4 CCTV Cameras 1MP 24000 Rs
4 CCTV cameras 2MP 35000 Rs
4 CCTV cameras 4MP 40000 Rs
4 CCTV cameras 5MP 50000 Rs

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