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Solar panel price in Pakistan is the most demanded price for solar lovers, let us study a few essential energy sources. There are many types of energy. These energy types include chemical, electrical, mechanical, thermal, Nuclear, and Gravitational Energy. These all types can be converted from one form to another form according to scientific theories.  If we need electrical power then these all types of energy can be used to generate electrical energy. Countries are generating electricity from these sources of energy according to the availability of these energy sources. As Japan produces electricity from Nuclear thermal energy, UAE produces electricity from Thermal energy from Sun, Similarly, many other countries are producing electricity from the rotational mechanical energy of the Generator turbine. These are called Dams, and cheapest energy source for any country.


Sun is another huge source of energy. This is also the cheapest form of energy that can be converted to electrical energy.  UAE are producing most of its energy from solar energy.

What is Solar Panel, and how produce Electrical energy

The solar panel is that Panel receives Light from Sun and converts them into electrical energy. Solar Plate is made up of material that pushes electrons to the circuit to generate energy. Solar plate cells are known as photovoltaic cells. These photovoltaic cells are the main thing that are producing Electricity.

What are the Components of Solar Panel Systems for complete Energy Generation?

There are five key components of a solar panel system. Let us discuss with impact on the Solar Panel price in Pakistan. 

Solar Plate

Solar plates hold the same place in this system as generators in other electricity production systems. This is receiving thermal energy from Sun and converting it into Electrical energy. So the main component of the solar system is responsible for the increase in the  Solar Panel price in Pakistan.  


Mostly, the electrical appliance uses AC current for their operation, Solar plates generate DC current from Sun light. So here an inverter plays an important role. The DC Inverter is responsible for the conversion of Direct current (DC) current to Alternating current (AC). So another component impacting the Solar Panel price in Pakistan is invertor

Electrical Panel

When energy is received from Sun and converted to Electricity. The next step comes is to distribute this electrical energy to your home appliances. The electrical panel is connected to wires throughout the whole building. So the Solar system price in Pakistan does not impact by electrical panels. 

Electrical Meter

The solar panel system is a system that generates free electricity from sunlight. So it kept on producing electricity whether it is being used or not. Here’s come two solutions for this extra electricity production. You can store this power in dry or acid batteries. And the second option is to install a reversible meter on the government electricity supply. This meter can give electricity to govt. Electric system(WAPDA). The reading of the meter will be reversed. So WAPDA can now either give you money for this extra power or you can use this power at night time. This whole process is Net metering.

So this meter is not impacting the Solar system price in Pakistan. 


There are two types of storage batteries for this power. You can use a dry battery made of lithium metal. Lithium batteries are a good option to use as it has more life than other batteries. Big countries like China, the USA, and Russia wants more and more Lithium for electric car batteries and other uses. Another type is an Acid battery, this battery is cheaper than a dry battery.

The Sun

The most important component of the solar system is the Sun. This system is useless if Sun is absent. You will not receive a single unit if Sun is absent. The Sun is not impacting the solar system price in Pakistan. But keep in mind the whole 5kw solar system price in Pakistan is useless in Sunlight is not present.

How much 5KW Solar System can bear, and 5kw solar system price in Pakistan

Longi JA solar panel price in Pakistan

The solar system is a great invention of time. It can give you free electricity your whole life. 5KW means 5000 Watt power per hour. It can run Up to 3 air conditioners or iron, 1 HP motor, 1 Refrigerator, 1 water dispenser, 1 LCD TV, 5 fans, and 10 lights. Normally new 1-ton air conditioner-rated power input is nearly 500 Watts depending upon the brand of AC. convectional AC rated power input is 1800 watts. You can run two 1.5 Ton AC or Three one ton AC. The fridge of your home consumes 180-450 Watts depending upon the size and technology. The ceiling fan of your house consumes 120 watts. You can calculate the load on your own as every appliance has different rated power inputs written on the sticker of the appliance.

5kw solar system price in Pakistan was once a very low amount. But depending upon the inflation in Pakistan, the 5kw solar system price in Pakistan starts from 13 Lacs. This price change may apply, as Pakistan is not manufacturing solar panels. We have to import these panels from other countries.

How much 10KW Solar System can bear, and 10kw Solar System Price in Pakistan

10kw Solar System Price in Pakistan is approximately double that 5KW system. 10,000 Watts is a quite good amount of power production. You can run three 1.5-ton AC of power 1800, Two fridges of 450 Watts, 3 LED TVs of 150 Watts, 30 lights of 20 watts, 12 Exhausts fans of 120 Watts, and 1 freezer of 300 Watts. But keep in mind every appliance need a higher power at the start, so do not switch on all appliance together. Switch on this one by one to avoid any damage. This is called Surge wattage.10kw Solar System Price in Pakistan is nearly 25 lacs depending upon the brand of plates and other things.

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