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Ranger 2 | Bullet 2C | Bullet 2E | Cruiser | Camera price in Pakistan

DAHUA technology is smart. Their research and development department is working awesome. So DAHUA has launched many WIFI cameras. Dahua has introduced the IMOU extension. This is specialized in the wifi category. CCTV WIFI camera price in Pakistan is lowered now due to IMOU cameras. The cameras which can be considered in the WIFI cameras are RANGER 2, BULLET 2C, BULLET 2E, and CRUISER. “IP cameras price in Pakistan have been made lowered due to these camera’s entry.

IMOU RANGER 2 and CCTV WIFI camera Price in Pakistan

Ranger 2 is a very beautiful camera and a small PTZ camera. It can be rotated in 360 degrees. This WIFI camera is made for indoor usage. It is 2 megapixels and 1080P resolution. It is featured with two-way audio.  It is very good in sending human detection alerts to your cellphone. It is also equipped with motion detection alerts. It is a stand-alone camera and is very affectionate in the indoor monitoring of kids, servants, and other family members. You can also send a voice-over to talk with the person in front of it. This CCTV WIFI camera price in Pakistan is 6500 rupees.

Ranger 2 Dahua wifi camera
Ranger 2

IMOUT BULLET 2C and this IP camera price in Lahore

Bullet 2C is a very attractive camera and use to gain the attention of people very soon. This camera is specialized in outdoor performance and equipped with two big quality antennas. This camera is 2 megapixels and is coming with a fixed lens. This IP camera price in Lahore is affordable by considering the features of the camera. This camera is 1080P and very effective in outdoor use. it signal catchers are amazing. It can be easily operated through WIFI. as it is an outdoor camera, it is featured with one-way audio-only. This camera is also a stand-alone camera. This Bullet 2C IP camera price in Lahore is 6500 rupees.

Bullet 2 Price in Pakistan
Bullet 2C

IMOU BULLET 2E and IP cameras Price in Pakistan

IMOU 2E camera is a similar camera as IMOU 2C. It is a color camera. It means it can provide color video in dark areas. Unlike Bullet 2C camera which is a night vision camera with black and white images in dark. All features and almost the same. These “IP cameras price in Pakistan” are not the same.  As I have mentioned earlier that Bullet 2C is 6500 rupees. IMOUO bullet 2E is 7500 rupees. 

Bullet 2E

IMOU CRUISER and this CCTV WIFI camera price in Pakistan

CRUISER is a big invention in the WIFI cameras with PTZ features. The cruiser is a 360-degree rotatable camera. It is coming with 2 and 4 megapixels with 1080 and higher resolution as well. IMOU cruiser is equipped with color, night vision, and smart modes. It can be manually set to the color image option. In this scenario, the special light of the cruiser camera turns on and you start receiving the color video. If you do not want to switch on supporting lights. You can shift it to the night vision mode. Smart mode is the combination of both these modes. This CCTV WIFI camera price in Pakistan is 13000 rupees. 

Dahua Cruiser camera
Dahua Cruiser

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