CCTV cameras advancement and CCTV camera price in Pakistan Lahore

Imou is a branch of Dahua technology. Imou is very advance in providing WIFI cameras to its user with the best features and prices in the global markets. So imou can give the best CCTV camera price in Pakistan Lahore. Imou has launched many varieties of wifi cameras in the market. We have options of wifi indoor and outdoor cameras. We have fixed and movable cameras options. Imou all cameras have both options. You can use them either stand-alone and can integrate with NVR. The Wifi CCTV camera price in Lahore is a little higher as compared to local products but better than brands available with a good reputation.  Today I am writing the article on another tremendous camera. This camera is wifi-based and has a very compact design. This camera’s name is Imou LOOC. let us discuss its feature and LOOC CCTV camera price in Pakistan Lahore.

IMOU LOOC Specifications with benefits

The LOOC is wifi based 2MP camera made by Dahua. It is featured with a 1080P resolution. 1080P resolution is enough to recognize the person. The LOOC is also a night vision camera. 

Active Deterrence

This is the camera with an active deterrence feature. This means this camera has built-in spotlights. This spot is motion-based functional. When there is motion in front of it, its spotlights will be switched on. This feature is really awesome making the buyer mind to afford this Wifi CCTV camera price in Lahore. So it passive infrared sensor makes it accurate of work and reduces false alert notification. This is active deterrence because it has also a built-in security siren. So when a stranger or any other person enters its zone, it will do two things simultaneously. One is spotlights activation and the second is 110dB security siren noise. So this feature CCTV camera price in Pakistan Lahore will be a little different from other low feature cameras in the market.

Two-way Talks in LOOC

Imou cameras have the best feature of audio in them. I love it the most because of its audio functionality. This camera has a built-in mic and speaker making it a two-way talk camera. Its latest algorithm with advanced echo cancellation technology makes it easier for you to interact with unwanted guests, family members, and pets. DAHUA CCTV camera price in Pakistan is not a big problem to afford as it is providing the best features.

Imou LOOC camera
Imou LOOC camera

Multiple scenarios installations

This camera is IP 65 which means it is a weatherproof camera with the latest design. It has multiple options of brackets so it can be installed anywhere where you wanted. It is a rare option in the market. I must say here, it is an awesome design camera. I love the LOOC.

Diversified storage options

Video can be stored in multiple storage. You can use a Micro SD card for its local reading and stand-alone feature. This camera can also be connected with NVR, so a separate recording can be saved in NVR also. The third and costly option is cloud storage on IMOU servers. You have to pay for cloud storage. So you must be ready for two costs. First for the LOOC DAHUA CCTV camera price in Pakistan and second for cloud storage which is maybe 9 dollars per year.

LOOC DAHUA CCTV camera price in Pakistan

This camera is the latest with the feature, so the LOOC CCTV camera price in Lahore is 12000 rupees. Buy it and enjoy the features.

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